Club Policies


Club Complaints Procedure A complaint is anything a parent wishes to define as a complaint. This can be against any aspect of the running of Kinross Colts JFC. There is no checklist as to what constitutes a complaint. If in any doubt, the parent should be asked to confirm if he/she is making a complaint. There are two ways in which a complaint can be made: 1. Informally to the team head coach/official Parents/guardians are welcome to discuss any grievance constructively with the team head coach/official. The team manager/official will agree with the parent/guardian whether the matter: a) Has been resolved satisfactory b) Should be referred to someone else and/or be investigated further c) Should move to a formal complaint The team manager/official should agree the course of action with the parent/guardian and carry it out 2. Formally to the Club Committee If the parent/guardian wishes to make a formal complaint they should do so in writing, addressed to the Chairman: All complaint letters submitted to the committee MUST be signed and dated by the complainant. • On receipt of the written complaint the Chairperson should acknowledge receipt of the letter within 5 days and undertake to reach a decision within 28 working days. • The Chairperson should inform the other committee office bearers and agree who should investigate the complaint. • The Chairperson should ensure that the persons dealing with the complaint meet and consider the issue raised. The investigating person/team should listen and evaluate the nature of the complaint and reach agreement on the action to be taken • Note: If the complaint is against one of the office bearers they shall not be on the complaint panel. • The outcome of the complaint will be communicated to the complainant in writing, giving details of any resultant action(s) taken. • The outcome of a complaint will be reported to the committee at the committee meeting subsequent to conclusion of the complaint. • Due regard must be given to confidentiality at all times. • A record of all complaints should be retained by team manager/committee.